• Carbon Fiber Processing


Carbon fibre is a polymer that is graphite shaped. Graphite is one of the states of carbon pure. In graphite, carbon atoms are arranged in aromatic hexagonal rings bound together to form large planes. Their appearance is that of a "wire mesh".
Carbon fibres are the form of graphite in which these sheets are long and narrow; we can imagine them as stripes of graphite. These ribbons willingly collect in bundles to form fibres, hence the name carbon fibre. These fibres are not usually used alone but are used to reinforce materials such as epoxy resins and other thermosetting materials. These reinforced materials are called composites because they contain more than one component. Carbon fibre reinforced composites are very strong in relation to their weight. They are often stronger than steel, but much lighter. The cutting of carbon fibre guarantees the success of the processes carried out with water cutting thanks to the application of continuously updated technologies. Among the parameters most successfully applied in the industrial field there are the objective evaluations carried out to identify the characteristics of the materials to be subjected to water cutting. Thanks to this special processing it is possible to cut any type of material, with thicknesses up to about 150mm, with a high cutting precision (of the order of 1/10mm for thicknesses up to 40-50mm). With water cutting it is also possible to carry out an excellent processing of small carbon fibre parts which, if carried out with traditional machine tools, would create micro-breakages, structural weakening, and chipping, as well as ruining the aesthetics. In particular, Technology Induction 2000 has developed considerable experience in the sports and automotive sector, where it is often required to cut materials such as carbon, Tepex and titanium for prototyping or mass production.


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